Taylor Van Cleave are a husband and wife photography duo who work across portrait, reportage and commercial photography, capturing people and places with a lightness of touch and sense of storytelling.

Samuel Taylor and Rebecca Van Cleave combine their backgrounds in fine art, fashion, acting and music with photography, creating images that aim to capture the moments in between, a snapshot of life’s journey.

For their digital work, they shoot on FujiFilm XT2 with a selection of prime lenses. They use an old Minolta X700 SLR, which has been used whilst touring the world to document their extensive travels and to help tell their story of life on the road. They also use a wooden box pinhole camera to record images onto medium format film.

Some things about Taylor Van Cleave Photography:

  • They like to colour outside the lines, both with painting and projects.

  • They keep their desks organised and their art drawers messy.

  • They have a little bit of wanderlust. Favourite adventures include driving down Highway 1 on the West Coast of the USA and wandering the silent foggy streets on a winters night in Venice.

  • They are sticklers for symmetry.

  • They like to find stories in everything - sideways smiles, horizons, the way a bow moves across strings, old cups of coffee.

  • They live in Sheffield and dream of one day adopting a dog and several rockstar chickens.